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Improve quality AI-based customer services

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Frontier Tech

Invested in 2023

Brance has developed an automated human-like conversational AI tool to reduce the reliance on customer support and sales teams as well as give each customer personalized experience through recommendations, consultative selling, and multi-lingual speech or text.

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Ayush Gupta

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Kshitij Chaudhary

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Anuj Punjani

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Businesses have to employ large inside sales and customer support teams to give good experience to users, who are demanding faster answers, empathy, and personalized suggestions. Existing automated systems are still limited with a broken experience as non-commoditized products have nuances that can’t be summarized in rules suitable for these technologies leading to a large dropoff in prospective customers. Backed by a team consisting of ML and customer success experts, Brance is building a comprehensive suite of products to disrupt the inside sales and customer support landscape using Gen AI.

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