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Frontier Tech

Invested in 2022

Alltius is a platform allowing enterprises to build and deploy Gen AI assistants in an accurate, secure and compliant manner, in a matter of minutes, without the need for expensive data science and engineering teams.

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Vibhanshu Abhishek

Siddhant Mishra

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Most of the Gen AI use cases developed since the democratization of LLMs like GPT3 have been individual-centric solutions to enhance productivity. As the spectrum of Gen AI increases, more solutions will be required which can prove to be of similar utility to businesses across the world. For instance, SaaS companies have to incur exorbitant costs of hiring extensive customer support teams. Backed by a stellar team of AI/ML experts, Alltius is harnessing the power of AI to make onboarding more seamless through their ask-anything assistant, KNO, by making product learning and enablement easier.

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