Navigating Credit: A Thesis on Indian Lending Infrastructure

India’s financial sector is transforming, with digital lending driving inclusive finance. Robust digital lending infrastructure streamlines processes enhances user experiences, and advances financial inclusivity. This report explores digital lending in India, addressing growing credit demand from underserved populations and the limitations of traditional institutions.


Code to Credit – A Thesis on Digital Lending in India

Credit is crucial for India’s economic growth, driving business expansion and consumer spending. Gen Z and Millennials are boosting credit demand, leading to a rise in digital lending platforms and the need for regulatory adaptation. This report explores the growing credit demand, digital advancements, and the need for collaboration between regulated and unregulated entities.


Playing to Win – A Thesis on Indian Online Gaming

With over 400 million gamers and an industry worth over $3 billion, gaming has emerged as one of the biggest sunrise sectors in the country. Through this report, we look to unravel the nuances of the sector, decode the best practices for India and beyond, and chart the path to future growth.


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