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Eximius Ventures Invests in Oyela: Social Commerce Leader in India

Oyela - investment thesis


Eximius Ventures’ investment in Oyela is an important step in the startup’s growth. Oyela, a rising star in its industry, has caught attention with its innovative ideas and fast growth. In this blog, we’ll explore why Eximius Ventures decided to invest in Oyela. We’ll look at the reasons behind the decision, the market opportunities, and what makes Oyela special. Understanding this will give you insight into how venture capital firms choose and support promising startups today.

Background of Eximius Ventures

Eximius Ventures was founded to support and empower innovative startups. Our mission is to find and help early-stage companies with high growth potential by giving them the resources, guidance, and connections they need to succeed.
We believe in partnering with founders who show strong leadership, have a clear vision, and can execute their plans well. We focus on sectors with big growth opportunities and use our expertise to help startups grow. Our strategy includes providing not just money, but also strategic advice, mentorship, and access to our wide network of industry experts and partners.

Eximius Ventures has invested in many successful companies across different high-growth sectors. Some of our standout portfolio companies are Hood, Stan, and Simple Viral Games. All of which have reached significant milestones and achieved market success. These successes show our ability to find and support startups that have the potential to change industries and make a lasting impact.

Overview of Oyela - Investment Thesis

Oyela is a network-driven platform that helps small businesses, indie brands, creators, and influencers connect with buyers and sell their products easily. Founded by Rahul Gope and Anjan K Patel in 2021, Oyela funding round is currently valued at less than $50 million at the seed funding stage.

Rahul Gope and Anjan K Patel are the founders of Oyela. They created Oyela to provide a smooth selling experience for small businesses and creators. The platform aims to build a community where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses using Oyela’s technology and network.
Oyela’s app-based community marketplace offers a wide range of fashion products, including jackets, dresses, bags, jewellery, shoes, and more from various brands. Oyela onboards many sellers through collaborations and charges a fixed commission on sales.

Eximius thesis invested in Oyela in 2021, seeing its potential in a growing market. India has a large Gen Z population of 100 million, who want to develop their own identities and build meaningful relationships. Oyela helps these Gen Z sellers become entrepreneurs by combining their unique fashion sense with easy commerce, making it a promising investment in the e-commerce landscape.

Market Opportunity

Oyela operates in the small business networking platform market, helping small businesses, indie brands, creators, and influencers connect with buyers and sell products smoothly. The platform manages payments and logistics, freeing up sellers to concentrate on their products.
The market for online small business platforms is growing quickly, driven by more entrepreneurs looking to sell online. In India, the e-commerce sector is expected to hit $200 billion by 2026, showing big growth potential for platforms like Oyela.
In competition, Oyela faces established players such as Limeroad and Frendy. However, Oyela stands out by focusing on building communities and making it easy for sellers to join, charging a fixed commission on sales to support its operations and expansion.

Unique selling points (USPs) of Oyela - Investment Thesis

Oyela is a platform that helps small businesses, indie brands, creators, and influencers connect with buyers and sell merchandise easily. Here are its unique selling points:
  • Tailored for Gen Z, offering fast fashion that resonates with their preferences.
  • Sources global styles but ensures local production quality.
  • Provides a seamless selling experience by managing payments and logistics.
  • Launches over 100 new styles monthly based on data-driven trend insights.
  • Fosters a community of sellers and buyers with shared fashion interests.

Key Trends That Oyela - Investment Thesis is Following To Be Ahead

Here are the key trends that Oyela is following to maintain a competitive edge in the market:
  • Oyela leverages social media for direct sales and customer interaction.
  • The platform focuses on personalized shopping experiences tailored to individual preferences.
  • It integrates AI and data analytics to predict trends and optimize its product lineup.
  • Oyela expands its influencer network to boost brand visibility and sales.
  • Improving user experience, Oyela ensures smooth payments and efficient logistics.

Customer pain points addressed by Oyela’s solutions

Oyela – investment thesis solves common problems that customers often encounter when buying and selling fashion items. Here are some of them – 
  • Oyela simplifies the logistics of selling, so sellers can focus on their products instead of handling complex operations.

  • Customers appreciate Oyela’s diverse selection of unique fashion styles, which are only widely available in some places.

  • Oyela offers high-quality fashion at affordable prices by sourcing globally and manufacturing locally.

  • The platform fosters a community where sellers and buyers with similar fashion tastes can connect and engage.

  • Using data-driven insights, Oyela keeps customers satisfied by launching new styles based on current global fashion trends.

Business model of Oyela - Investment Thesis

Oyela operates as a social commerce platform in e-commerce, helping Generation Z entrepreneurs start and grow Instagram stores. The platform supports users with product sourcing, customer management, and shipping services, making it easier to sell online.
  • Focus on Social Media: Oyela integrates with platforms like Instagram for seamless store management.

  • Targeting Generation Z: It caters to young entrepreneurs looking to build their brands online.

  • Full-Service Offering: Provides everything from sourcing products to handling customer relationships and shipping logistics.

  • Direct Selling on Instagram: Enables sellers to showcase and sell products directly through Instagram.

  • Empowering Entrepreneurs: Oyela equips users with tools and support to succeed in e-commerce, promoting creativity and business growth.

Why Eximius Ventures Invested in Oyela?

Oyela has become a strategic investment for us at Eximius thesis due to several strong factors that fit well with our investment criteria and growth strategy. Here are some of them:
  • Oyela targets India’s young population, especially Generation Z, comprising 50% under 25 and 65% under 35.

  • Oyela’s social commerce model allows quick creation of high-quality listings. It’s grown to over 4,000 sellers and increased GMV by 11x in 6 months.

  • Founders Rahul Gope, Anjan Patel, and Shivam Garg show strong entrepreneurship with rapid market validation and 100,000+ monthly active users.

  • Oyela reduces e-commerce returns by focusing on seller responsibility, contrasting with industry returns of 25-40% for apparel.

  • With 20% month-on-month repeat buyers, Oyela shows strong customer retention and engagement in India’s growing e-commerce sector.

Final Thoughts

Eximius thesis investment in Oyela – investment thesis is driven by its potential to lead in social commerce and cater to India’s youthful demographic. Oyela’s innovative approach empowers Gen Z entrepreneurs and utilizes social media for e-commerce, making it a promising disruptor in the market. 
With a strong team and proven business model, Oyela shows impressive growth prospects. Looking forward, we’re committed to nurturing Oyela’s success.
If you’re seeking funding for your innovative venture, like Oyela, reach out to Eximius Ventures today.