Startup Pre and Post Money Valuation Calculator

Eximius Valuation Calculator

Using the Eximius valuation calculator is simple and easy. Start by entering your figures into the designated sections: Investment amount (₹), Investors equity (%), Pre-money valuation (₹), and Post-money valuation (₹). 

Once all fields are filled, click the “Calculate” button to generate your company’s valuation. If you need to start over or correct any entries, simply use the “Reset” button. 

This tool provides a quick and straightforward way to evaluate your business’s financial standing, helping you make informed investment decisions.

Let’s say you have a startup company, and investors invest ₹2 crore into your business. If the value of your company was ₹10 crore before the investment, then:

So, after raising capital, your startup will be worth ₹12 crore, and the investors will own 16.67% of your company.

Pre-Money Valuation

This is the value of your company before any new investment. It’s the worth of your company before receiving funds from angel investors or venture capital firms.

Post-Money Valuation

This is the value of your company after receiving investment. It’s calculated by adding the investment amount to the pre-money valuation. This figure shows the total value of your company with the new funds included.

Why It Matters

Understanding the difference between pre-money and post-money valuation is essential for both startups and investors. For startups, it clarifies how much of the company they are giving away for funding. For investors, it shows the value of their investment and the ownership stake they will receive.