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Fueling Innovation: Top Pre-seed Venture Capital Firms in Bangalore


Top Pre-seed Venture Capital Firms in Bangalore

List of Top Pre-seed Venture Capital Firms in Bangalore

In Bangalore, a bustling tech hub, innovation is booming among startups and investors. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is where groundbreaking ideas and new technologies thrive. Playing a vital role in this ecosystem are pre-seed vc firms in Bangalore. They offer early-stage funding and strategic guidance to startups. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the top pre-seed venture capital firms in Bangalore driving innovation and shaping the future of entrepreneurship.

1. 500 Global

500 Global is a prestigious venture capital firm with a global presence, operating in various countries including the USA, India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and more. The firm, founded in 2010 by Christine Tsai and Dave McClure, has established offices in major cities such as San Francisco, New York, São Paulo, and Dubai. With a focus on early-stage tech companies, 500 Global invests across a diverse range of industries including SaaS, Media, E-Commerce, Healthcare, and Fintech.

500 Global offers funding at different stages, primarily targeting early-stage and Seed companies. The firm provides support to startups with minimum check sizes starting from $50,000 and maximum check sizes up to $250,000. Over the years, 500 Global has made a significant impact in the startup ecosystem, having made a total of 2600 investments and achieved 339 successful exits.
With an impressive track record, 500 Global has raised a substantial amount of funds totalling $67 billion. Some notable investments by the firm include Canva, Solana, and Reddit. These investments have not only generated significant returns but have also contributed to the growth and success of the respective companies. Through its strategic investments and global presence, 500 Global continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the tech industry.

2. Eximius Ventures

Eximius Ventures a pre-seed venture capital firm in Bangalore and Gurugram, believes in the power of building the future rather than merely predicting it. True success, in our view, comes from nurturing our roots, drawing strength and wisdom from our foundations as we strive to conquer new heights. Our leadership team, guided by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in startup investing, embodies this philosophy.

Led by our Founder and Managing Partner, Pearl Agarwal, and Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Preeti Nellore Sampat, we’re more than just mentors or advisors – we’re peer investors and friends. We’re here for you not only when things are going well but, most importantly, when they’re not.

At Eximius Ventures, our core values extend beyond just providing funds. We’re committed to maximizing founders’ potential, building with a vision that spans from India to the globe, and being driven by a strong investment thesis. Our tailored approach ensures that we add unique value to each startup we partner with.

3. Accel

Accel is a prominent venture capital firm with a global presence, investing in startups across various industries from seed stages to late growth stages. Founded in 1983 by Arthur Patterson, Jim Swartz, and Prashanth Prakash, Accel operates in countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, and India, with offices in major cities including London, Bangalore, San Francisco, and Palo Alto.
Specializing in industries like Cloud, Cybersecurity, Consumer, Media, and Fintech, Accel provides funding at different stages of a startup’s growth journey, including Seed, Early Stage, and Late Stage. The firm offers financial support with minimum check sizes starting from $500,000 and maximum check sizes up to a substantial $500,000,000.

With a strong track record, Accel has made a total of 1845 investments and has successfully exited from 353 companies. Over the years, the firm has raised significant funds amounting to $18.3 billion, enabling it to support and nurture promising startups. Among Accel’s notable investments are Discord, Hootsuite, and 1Password, which have not only achieved success but have also made significant contributions to their respective industries.

Through its strategic investments and extensive network, Accel continues to play a vital role in fostering innovation and driving growth in the startup ecosystem.

4. Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital is a prestigious global venture capital firm with a focus on investing in startups across diverse industries such as energy, finance, enterprise, healthcare, internet, and mobile. Founded in 1972 by Aadit Palicha, Bill Coughran, Don Valentine, and Santana Henry, Sequoia Capital has established itself as a leader in the venture capital space.

Operating in countries including the USA, China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, and Singapore, Sequoia Capital has offices in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New Delhi, Herẕliyya, Singapore, and San Francisco. The firm has a broad investment portfolio that spans industries like AI & ML, Consumer, Crypto & Blockchain, Enterprise, Fintech, Healthcare, and Internet & Mobile.
Sequoia Capital provides funding at various stages of a startup’s growth journey, including Early Stage, Seed, and Growth. The firm offers financial support with minimum check sizes starting from $100,000 and maximum check sizes of up to $1,000,000.
With a rich history of investments, Sequoia Capital has made a total of 1712 investments and has successfully exited from 350 companies. Over the years, the firm has raised substantial funds amounting to $22 billion, enabling it to support and nurture innovative startups. Among Sequoia Capital’s notable investments are Google, Nvidia, and Apple, which have not only achieved remarkable success but have also significantly impacted their respective industries.

5. Bessemer Venture Partners

Established in 1911, Bessemer Venture Partners stands as a distinguished VC firm, backing entrepreneurs in the consumer, enterprise, and healthcare sectors. With a global presence spanning the USA, India, Israel, and the United Kingdom, the firm operates in prominent cities like San Francisco, Boston, New York, Bangalore, Tel Aviv-Yafo, London, and Larchmont.

Over the years, Bessemer has raised a substantial sum of over $9.7 billion, demonstrating its robust financial backing for startups. With a portfolio boasting 1267 investments, including notable successes such as Twitch, Medibuddy, and Shopify, Bessemer is known for its keen eye for promising ventures. The firm caters to startups at various stages, offering investment amounts ranging from $2 million to $8 million per endeavour.

6. Tiger Global

Tiger Global, a private equity investment firm, specializes in funding companies within the technology industry, supporting them from series A to pre-IPO stages. Founded in 2001 by Chase Coleman, the firm operates across the USA, China, India, and Singapore, with offices in key cities like New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, and Bangalore. With a focus on industries such as Internet & Mobile, Consumer, Fintech, and SaaS, 

Tiger Global has raised an impressive sum of $36.1 billion, underscoring its significant financial backing for tech startups. Boasting a portfolio of 1092 investments, including notable successes like Coinbase, Meta, and Blinkit, Tiger Global has established itself as a prominent player in the venture capital landscape. Specializing in late-stage funding rounds, as well as Series B and Series C investments, the firm plays a crucial role in fueling the growth and success of emerging tech companies.

7. Matrix Partners

Matrix Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in startups spanning various sectors, including consumer technology, B2B, enterprise, fintech, and more. Founded in 1977 by Paul J. Ferri, the firm operates in India, the USA, and China, with offices located in key cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, San Francisco, Boston, Palo Alto, Beijing, and Shanghai. 

With a diverse portfolio covering industries like healthcare, fintech, enterprise, SaaS, e-commerce, media, social, gaming, travel & hospitality, transportation, and education, Matrix Partners has raised substantial funds totalling $2.6 billion. The firm has made 626 investments and achieved 145 exits, highlighting its track record of success in supporting startups from seed to Series B stages. 
Matrix Partners is known for its notable investments in companies like Apple, Zendesk, and HubSpot, demonstrating its ability to identify and nurture high-potential ventures. With a flexible investment range, from a minimum check size of $100,000 to a maximum of $10,000,000, Matrix Partners plays a pivotal role in fueling innovation and driving growth in the startup ecosystem.

8. Elevation Capital

Elevation Capital is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investments across a wide spectrum of industries, including consumer, enterprise, and Web3 startups. Established in 2002 by founder Ravi Adusumalli, Elevation Capital operates with offices in Salt Lake City, Bangalore, and Gurgaon, strategically positioning itself in key locations within India and the US.
The firm actively invests in various sectors, such as consumer, DTC, crypto & blockchain, enterprise, SaaS, fintech, and supply chain & logistics. With a flexible approach to funding, Elevation Capital participates in the seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C stages of startups. The firm typically offers minimum check sizes of $2 million and maximum check sizes of $5 million, providing crucial financial support to emerging ventures.

Elevation Capital has an impressive track record, having completed 250 investments and facilitated 32 exits to date. With total funds raised of $2 billion, the firm has played a pivotal role in nurturing successful startups like Unacademy, Acko, and Meesho, highlighting its commitment to driving innovation and fostering growth in the startup ecosystem.

9. 3one4 Capital

3one4 Capital is an India-based venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments in startups leveraging technology across various sectors, including fintech, consumer products, SaaS, digital media, climate tech, and digital health. Founded in 2016 by Pranav Pai and Siddarth Pai, the firm is headquartered in Bangalore, India’s vibrant tech hub.

With a focus on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, 3one4 Capital targets startups at the early stage, seed, and Series A stages of development. To date, the firm has made 171 investments and facilitated 15 successful exits, showcasing its expertise in identifying and nurturing promising ventures. 

With funds raised amounting to $1.34 billion, 3one4 Capital has played a pivotal role in fueling the growth of startups such as Eka.Care, Everstage, and, contributing to the evolution of India’s thriving startup ecosystem.

10. Unitus Ventures

Unitus Ventures, an Indian venture capital firm, focuses on funding early-stage tech companies operating in job tech, fintech, education, healthcare, and AI domains. Founded in 2012 by Surya Mantha, the firm operates in both India and the USA, with offices in Seattle and Bangalore. 

Specializing in seed and early-stage investments, Unitus Ventures provides crucial support to startups, with check sizes ranging from $300,000 to $1,000,000. With a portfolio of 84 investments and 18 successful exits, the firm has raised $38.4 million in funds. Notable investments include Wify, CareerNinja, and Masai School, reflecting Unitus Ventures’ commitment to fostering innovation and driving growth in emerging technology sectors.


As Bangalore solidifies its status as a top global tech hub, pre-seed venture capital firms are becoming crucial for driving innovation and boosting economic growth. These VC firms in Bangalore support startups in their early stages, offering funding and guidance for success. They’re shaping a future where entrepreneurship thrives and groundbreaking ideas come to life. With their dedication to fostering innovation and nurturing talent, top pre-seed venture capital firms in Bangalore are shaping the future of entrepreneurship, not only in India but worldwide.

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