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Paving The Way: Pre-Seed Funding And The Rise Of Female Entrepreneurs



Starting a business can be tough, especially for women who struggle to get money to start. But things are changing. There are more new and cool businesses popping up, and programs are helping women get money to start, called pre-seed funding. This help is super important because it lets women start their own businesses, be their own bosses, and make a big impact. But, women still don’t get as much money from investors as men do.
In 2023, they only got less than 3%! In the UK, even though almost 40% of people working in venture capital are women, they only hold about 22% of the top jobs. But here’s the cool part: businesses started by women actually make 35% more money than those started by men! So, in today’s blog, we’ll talk about why pre-seed funding is so important for women starting businesses and how it helps them succeed.

What Is Pre-seed Funding? How Is it Different For Female Founders?

Pre-seed funding is like giving a helping hand to new businesses when they’re just starting out. It gives them funds before they’ve made a product or earned enough on their own to support themselves. This funding is super important for women who want to start their own businesses because it helps them turn their fresh ideas into real businesses. But even though people are starting to realize that having different kinds of people in business is important, women still have a hard time getting this kind of funding.

Female entrepreneurs sometimes experience unfair treatment and stereotypes when they try to get funds from traditional venture capital firms. Studies have found that women get much less funds from these firms compared to men. But now, there are new programs that give early funds to female founders, and this is making a big difference.
These special programs from venture capital firms that help women-led startups are very important. They don’t just give funds; they also give advice, help connect with other people, and provide things that are helpful specifically for female entrepreneurs. By dealing with the special challenges that women face in starting a business, these firms give female founders the confidence to go after their dreams.

Overcoming Challenges And Seizing Opportunities

Even though people are working to include more women in starting their own businesses, women who want to start a business still face a lot of challenges. One big problem is that they don’t always have the same chances to meet the right people or get the help they need as men do. This makes it hard for them to find investors or mentors who can give them important advice and support.

Also, sometimes, people who decide where to invest money in businesses might not even realize they’re treating men and women differently. They might be more likely to give financial help to men without even thinking about it. This means women might miss out on getting the financial help they need to start their businesses. But if we work on changing these unfair attitudes and make sure everyone has a fair chance, it can help women get the capital they need to start their businesses.

Starting a business can be scary because there’s a lot of risk involved, especially in the beginning. Women might feel even more pressure to do well because they want to prove they can succeed in a world where men often get more attention. But if women get the right help and support, they can take on these challenges and aim for big achievements with their businesses.


Building Stronger Communities And Networks

Pre-seed funding programs don’t just give funds to female entrepreneurs. They also help them meet other people like them who are trying to start businesses. These connections let them work together, share what they know, and get help from each other. It’s like being part of a team where everyone wants to see each other succeed.
These programs also try to make sure they help all kinds of people, not just one type. They look for startups led by women with great ideas and lots of potential to grow. By doing this, they give more chances to female entrepreneurs. And when more people from different backgrounds get involved, it makes the startup world more creative and full of new ideas.

Navigating The Journey Of Growth and Scale

After getting pre-seed funding, female entrepreneurs face another big challenge: making their startups grow a lot and last a long time. Pre-seed funding helps a bit at the start, but there’s still a lot to do to make the business successful.

Growing a startup means making smart decisions, using resources well, and doing things to make the business bigger. Female founders have to figure out how to deal with lots of different things, like changes in what customers want and other businesses trying to compete with them. Pre-seed funding gives them the funds they need to start growing and getting bigger.

But as the startup grows, it needs even more capital to keep going. Women entrepreneurs often find it hard to get more funds later on, especially from big investment firms that might prefer to give funds to male-run startups. So, they might have to look for other ways to get their finances in order, like finding individual investors or using crowdfunding.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Through Mentorship And Support

Having someone to guide you helps a lot when your business is growing. Experienced mentors can give you really helpful advice and tips about your industry. Sometimes, when you get early funding for your business, they also connect you with mentors who have been in the business for a long time. These mentors can give you personal help and support.

It’s always great to have friends who are in the same boat as you. When you’re facing tough times or want to celebrate your wins, having other women to talk to can make a big difference. Pre-seed funding programs often help set up groups like this, so women in business can help each other out and cheer each other on. It’s like having a big group of friends who understand exactly what you’re going through.

Celebrating Success And Inspiring The Next Generation

As women start their own businesses and reach goals like getting more funding and making a big difference in their fields, it’s really important to cheer for them and tell everyone about their successes. When we talk about what women entrepreneurs have achieved, it encourages other girls to dream big and become leaders in areas where men usually have more power.

The programs that give funding to startups before they even really start are super important for helping women. These programs make sure to celebrate the wins of women-led businesses. They show how their help and support are making a real difference, proving that when everyone gets a chance to be heard and helped, amazing things can happen.

And as women in business become more well-known and have more influence, they can help other women who are just starting out. By sharing what they’ve learned and supporting other women who want to start their own businesses, successful women entrepreneurs can make it easier for the next generation of female leaders to succeed. This creates a cycle of support and encouragement that makes the world of business stronger for everyone.

Five Indian VC Funds That Help Women Entrepreneurs

1. She Capital:

She Capital is reshaping India’s startup landscape by championing female-led startups and providing them with the resources they need to thrive. Through its comprehensive support system encompassing financial backing and mentoring, She Capital is empowering women entrepreneurs to realize their full potential and drive meaningful change.

Focused on early-stage investments across various sectors, She Capital is nurturing a new generation of women leaders and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem. Portfolio companies like Clovia and Samosa Singh exemplify the fund’s mission to unlock the untapped potential of female entrepreneurship and create lasting impact.

2. AWE Funds:

Seema Chaturvedi launched AWE Funds to address two important issues: promoting gender equality and combating climate change. This fund specifically targets businesses either led by women or significantly influenced by them. It concentrates its investments in sectors such as agritech, health tech, and climate tech, recognizing the potential for innovation and impact in these areas. Additionally, AWE Funds allocates resources to emerging fields like fintech and edtech, acknowledging the importance of staying ahead of the curve.

AWE Funds primarily supports companies that have already started generating revenue but are still in the early stages of growth, typically before reaching Series A funding. By providing financial backing and strategic support, AWE Funds aims to empower women entrepreneurs and foster sustainable business practices. Notable startups in their portfolio include Fresho Kartz, Remedico, Velmini, and Agam, demonstrating their commitment to advancing women in business while addressing pressing environmental concerns.

3. Saha Fund:

The Saha Fund is pioneering efforts to advance women’s participation in entrepreneurship by investing in businesses that prioritize gender diversity and technology. With a diverse portfolio spanning e-commerce, healthcare, and technology, Saha Fund is driving positive social and economic change while championing startups that cater to the unique needs of women consumers.

Success stories like LoveLocal and Joules to Watts underscore the fund’s commitment to supporting women-led enterprises and catalyzing their growth. By providing financial backing and strategic guidance, Saha Fund is empowering women entrepreneurs to succeed in competitive markets and make a meaningful impact on society.

4. StrongHer Ventures:

Building on the success of the Saha Fund, StrongHer Ventures is empowering women entrepreneurs through targeted investments and strategic support. With a focus on tech-driven ventures in sectors like fintech and healthcare, StrongHer Ventures is fueling innovation and driving economic growth.
Through initiatives like the Arise Accelerator, StrongHer Ventures is providing women-led startups with access to capital, mentorship, and networking opportunities, enabling them to scale and succeed in competitive markets. Notable investments in companies like and highlight the fund’s dedication to fostering female entrepreneurship and building a more inclusive startup ecosystem.

5. Kalaari Capital:

Kalaari Capital is actively working to bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship through its CXXO program. This initiative offers a comprehensive support system encompassing capital, community, and coaching to empower female founders in India. By providing access to funding, networking opportunities, and industry expertise, Kalaari Capital aims to catalyze the growth of women-led startups and drive innovation across various sectors.

Through the CXXO program, Kalaari Capital has made significant investments in startups like Kindlife, Deconstruct, and Aastey, showcasing the program’s success in nurturing female-led ventures. By leveling the playing field and empowering women entrepreneurs, Kalaari Capital is contributing to the diversity and vibrancy of India’s startup ecosystem.


Empowering female entrepreneurs is not just about their success; it’s about creating a fairer playing field for everyone. Providing financial support to women with startup ideas allows them to focus on improving their businesses without immediate financial stress. Collaboration and sharing of resources enable women entrepreneurs to thrive in a supportive ecosystem.
Whether it’s supporting businesses run by women, encouraging different kinds of people to lead in companies, or speaking out against unfair treatment, each of us can make a difference. Through collective efforts, the community ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. This contributes to a future where everyone has the chance to achieve their goals and thrive.
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